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One of the best things about a night out at a restaurant is enjoying dishes you don’t get to eat regularly. But what if you could emulate these recipes at home and indulge in these special treats even on nights when you’d rather stay in and get into your pajamas early? Try these copycat recipes for some of your favorite restaurant fare.

Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits

If there’s one thing Red Lobster is known for besides their seafood, it’s their delicious, (almost) inimitable Cheddar Bay Biscuits. The blend of spices and tangy cheddar cheese takes this classic buttermilk biscuit recipe to a whole new level.

Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie

Indulge in this ultimate comfort food with its flaky crust, juicy chicken, tender vegetables, and creamy sauce. The secret: heavy cream.

Olive Garden’s Fettuccine Alfredo with Scallops

What does everyone love about Olive Garden? Okay, other than the breadsticks…their fettuccine alfredo. You can’t beat a plate of warm noodles covered in a creamy cheese sauce. This copycat recipe features the addition of mild, tender, protein-rich scallops.

TGI Friday’s Jack Daniel’s Sauce & Wings

All you need is a pack of wings and this amazing sauce to imitate one of TGI Friday’s most famous dishes. The whisky lends a depth of flavor to this fantastic blend of spices that also includes garlic, pineapple, and cayenne.

Outback Steakhouse’s Ribeye Steak

When it comes to steak, it’s all about the seasoning and preparation. You need the right blend of spices, enough time to marinate the meat, and a scorching hot grill. To get an Outback-worthy ribeye, try this recipe, inspired by the restaurant’s culinary masterpiece.

Planet Hollywood’s Gordon Ramsay Burger

Chef Ramsay knows his burgers – he is famous for elevating this American classic to an art form. Try this high-end recipe with delectably excessive toppings like egg, portobello mushroom, and applewood smoked bacon, sandwiched between elegant brioche buns.

Orange Julius

If you love this frosted beverage, you know what a treat it is to be able to enjoy it whenever you want. With its crisp citrus flavor and rich vanilla undertones, it is the perfect indulgence on a warm day.

For more copycat recipes, check out Taste of Home’s collection. And for more helpful dining and lifestyle tips, check out the Sedona Ranch blog.


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