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View of a hand holding a smartphone and taking a picture of a plate of tacos and a glass of beer



There’s a reason why everyone loves tacos. They’re delicious and inexpensive, and they come in a huge variety of flavors. If you’re a taco lover (and we know you are), you can rest assured that Odessa is filled with amazing culinary venues that offer some of the best tacos in the West. Here are six local favorites to get you started.

Torchy’s Tacos

If you want a variety of exquisite tacos, head to Torchy’s. They have 12 delicious options – not including their breakfast tacos! The Scallywag is filled with coconut-battered shrimp, the Fried Avocado delivers exactly what it promises, and the Brushfire is filled with Jamaican jerk chicken. Definitely stop by in the morning and take advantage of their breakfast taco menu, too. The Wrangler, filled with eggs, potatoes, and smoked beef brisket, is a local favorite.

Burri-Taco Express

Dig into hearty tacos filled with shrimp, fresh cilantro, and other yummy ingredients at this beloved local restaurant. And if you’re looking for some variety, tackle one of their massive burritos, which are bursting with veggies, potatoes, and beans.

Taqueria Reynosa

Celebrate Taco Tuesday at Taqueria Reynosa and enjoy discounts on their authentic and flavorful street tacos. Their tortillas come lightly fried and filled with fresh avocados, scallops, beans, herbs, and other ingredients, all topped with a squeeze of lime for that perfect citrusy zing.

La Toreada Taco House

La Toreada knows how to make classic tacos that feature just a few amazing ingredients. Here, it’s all about focusing on texture and flavor – and their tacos prove that sometimes the simplest dishes are the best!


Head over to Midland for some of the best gourmet tacos in the region at this locally famous food truck. Be sure to keep an eye on their Friday specials – often featuring a tilapia taco topped with French fries, salsa, and lime. You’ll be raving about them along with everyone else in town.

Twister Tacos

This taqueria’s Capón entrée is so good that it was featured in Texas Monthly. Four tacos made with soft, warm flour tortillas and grilled steak will make you wish you had room for a fifth! The star ingredient, served on the side, is a roasted green chile stuffed with mozzarella – the perfect topping to your tacos, or an indulgent treat to cap off your meal.

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