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Burger and a basket of fries from a local hambuger joint near Sedona Ranch in Odessa, Texas



There are more places you can visit in Texas than just Austin and Dallas. For a less populated, yet just as enjoyable experience, you can visit the city of Odessa.

Odessa is home to a welcoming local environment. There are some relaxing parks, a lively bowling alley, and mouth-watering burger joints. Here are the 5 best burger joints you can find in Odessa.

Whitehouse Meat Market

The Whitehouse Meat Market has been serving Odessa ever since they opened in 1956. The owners Clint Fletcher and Olan Maney certainly know how to run a good restaurant. Their rating is higher on Yelp than any other burger joint around Odessa. They are not just a burger joint. They are also a full-service butcher that offers custom cuts of steaks and other kinds of meats.

Permian Basin Hamburger Co.

You can find this restaurant in the downtown area. Although they are only open during lunch hours, they are still a tasty spot to chow down. The environment is not of a buffet, but more like a cafeteria. However, they let you load up on however many fries you want and that is what makes this place stand out.

BJ's Drive-In

BJ's is another local favorite. What sets them apart from other burger joints is the size of their most popular offer. You can get a whopping burger from there that's massive enough to feed four people. Even their regular size options are quite good. They butter and toast their buns to make it a delicacy. 

Keith's Hamburger Station

Keith's has a diner-style feel to it where you will feel right at home. The burgers have a homemade taste to them which emphasizes the diner feeling. If there's one thing that puts Keith's on the map more than anything else, it's their steak fingers. Locals in Odessa can't get enough of them.

Watt's Burger No. 1

If you remember the drive-up burger joints back in the day, this will definitely bring memories for you. They have the old style feel to them and they emphasize on that feeling. Watt's small-town experience is something you won't find at any of the burger chains. 

Don't forget to enjoy your time in Odessa while you're feasting at the local burger joints. Stay at the local Sedona Ranch, our community will make you feel right at home. If you are looking to join a new community, please contact our team of leasing consultants to arrange a private tour of our grounds and amenities.