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Giving roses and chocolates and going out to eat a fancy meal for Valentine’s Day are old news. This year, why not avoid the annoying, overdressed multitudes and do something totally different? We’ve got a few ideas for you to check out. 

Hit the Trails

Odessa has a great trail system. Celebrate this special day with a walk, jog, or bike ride around one of the many options. Check out the Odessa Parks & Recreation page for a list with maps. 

The Agave Bar

Nothing says true love like shots of tequila. This popular spot is the perfect place to sample a variety of tequila brands and flavors. Plus, Mondays are Frozen Drink day! Choose from four frozen drink specials to get your V-Day evening off to a great start.

Rockin’ Q Smokehouse

Just because you’re not going to the fanciest restaurant in town doesn’t mean you don’t need to eat! But this year, instead of wearing a suit or dress, we think you should wear delicious barbecue sauce all over your face and shirtfront. Hit up Rockin’ Q for a variety of heart-busting meat options, from brisket to jalapeno sausage, and wash it all down with a giant glass of sweet tea or a cold bottle of Bud. Now that is true love. 

Visit Stonehenge

It’s not the real one, but it’s very similar! Odessa’s version is located on the campus of University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Just like the real one, it’s made out of big rocks. If you squint your eyes, we promise you won’t know the difference. 

For more tips on mixing things up in Odessa, visit the Sedona Ranch blog.