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Assortment of puzzles from an escape room near Sedona Ranch in Odessa, Texas



Escape rooms are a big craze right now. You can experience one for yourself just 20 miles down the road at Cinergy in Midland, where you can also stay for a movie, play video games or try your skills at the Skywalker Ropes Course.

What is an Escape Room? 

Cinergy's Extreme Escape room is a place where you become a detective by finding clues, looking for secret passageways, and solving riddles until you find your way out. It's great fun for groups of friends, wonderful team building for businesses, or you can go on your own and get teamed up with others. Each room holds eight people.

Don't worry; there's a panic button in each room for any emergency that may crop up, so everyone gets out alive! 

Choose Your Escape

Currently, there are two stories you can choose from: be a sleuth in a diamond heist, considered easy-peasy with a 50% percent completion rate, or a paranormal investigator in a haunting, considered hardcore with 30% completion. I hear a challenge! Each game lasts for about an hour. It's a jungle gym for your brain!

Video Games

There's nothing an arcade filled with pinball machines and video games. Cinergy's Game Floor offers both old-fashioned fun and cutting-edge new technology. There's something here for everyone! Play games, win points and cash them in for prizes.

Skywalker Ropes Course

Have you ever wanted to defy gravity? At Cinergy's Ropes Course, with 19 different vertical and horizontal challenges, you'll traverse your way through swaying bridges, narrow beams, nests of nets and more! At the highest point, you're suspended 25 feet from the floor for an invigorating challenge!

When you live at Sedona Ranch, there's always something to do nearby. Contact us today to schedule a private tour and see about joining our community.