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Woman in front of dark background, holding two smoking beakers filled with colored liquid.



Halloween is finally here, and you’ve got your get-together all planned. But what to drink? We’ve got the answer! Pick from our list of deliciously spooky beverages good enough to resurrect the dead.

Witch’s Brew Punch

Like a tiny steaming cauldron of green goo you hold in your hands, this booze and dry ice concoction screams Halloween. And it can be made with or without alcohol! Spoooky. (If you haven’t worked with dry ice before, be sure to check out the FAQ at the end of the recipe!)

Blood Bag Punch

Take your ghoulish mixer to the next level with these drinks that look like you’re sipping from hospital blood bags. This boozy punch recipe from Gastron is filled with a variety of heart-stopping ingredients that will surely make you cry for your mummy. Simply buy the empty blood bags on Amazon and fill them with your concoction.

Color-Changing Margarita

If you’re a child of the ‘80s, you may remember Hypercolor T-shirts, the clothing that changed color when it got warm. (And was easily ruined in the washer and dryer.) This Halloween cocktail is just like that, but, you know, spookier. This delicious drink starts out the traditional margarita color, but then through the power of frozen red cabbage water (don’t worry, you don’t taste it!), your drink will turn into an otherworldly pinkish hue. Eek!

(Another) Witch’s Brew

But not a lesser one! This Witch’s Brew also harnesses the power of dry ice, but adds to it the curious shimmer of Viniq Original liqueur, which itself is a mix of vodka, Moscato, and “natural fruit flavors.”

The Halloween Hpnotist

This eerily glowing cocktail creation uses Hpnotiq liqueur and cognac to create a fruity-flavored drink with an opaque appearance. Garnish it with a green glow stick and practice your mad scientist laugh.

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