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Flower arrangement at Sedona Ranch in Odessa, Texas



Sometimes we take for granted the many ways in which flowers play a role in marking major events in our lives. Weddings, graduations, funerals, anniversaries, promotions – flowers carry with them gestures of hope, celebration, solace, achievement, and love. But they can also bring life, color, and lush scents to our everyday lives! Located in Odessa, Black Tulip Floral Design has plenty of flower designs you should check out – whether it’s for something beautiful to display in your home or a gift for a loved one. Here are some of our favorite arrangements!

A Dozen Roses

Ahh, roses. The poet’s muse. The painter’s subject. The lover’s treasure. Accumulating centuries of symbolic meaning, nothing says romance quite like red roses. If you’re looking for something to woo your significant other, consider getting them a dozen roses. You’ll thank us later.

Desert Oasis

Perhaps you prefer something a little more prickly. Black Tulip Floral Design’s Desert Oasis may be the ideal design for you! Featuring colorful cacti, succulents, and tasteful orchids and ranunculus, Desert Oasis is perfect for those looking for something a little outside the ordinary.

Hot Pink

Pink is powerful! If you love to live loud, this flower arrangement is the ultimate floral companion. As its name suggests, Hot Pink combines a variety of pink flowers that’ll punch up any room.

Fruit Box

Wait a minute. Those don’t look like flowers! It’s true. They’re fruit. Even so, many still appreciate a beautifully arranged gift basket. If that sounds like your friend, send them a Fruit Box! Just don’t try to take it back – it’s not a good look.

Designer’s Choice

Looking for a luxe experience? Ask a designer to craft you a one-of-a-kind bouquet. Choose between a standard, deluxe, or premium design. It feels good to indulge.

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