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Group of young men and women sitting around a table eating and laughing.



There’s a lot to love about Thanksgiving, as long as you love eating and spending time with people you care about. But the traditional cornucopia and dried multicolor corn decorations can start to get stale. This year, why not jazz things up and add a little humor to your spread? Check out these unique and funny additions to your turkey table. 

Thanksgiving Suit

Show your TG pride with a Thanksgiving-themed suit. This one from Shinesty, called the Tryptophan Tyrant, is emblazoned with turkeys wearing pilgrim hats. There’s also a matching dress. Or go with the leaf-covered option, and also wear it to rake leaves. Or go for the men’s and women’s pajamaralls – Shinesty’s TG-themed selection is called The Spread and features a full Thanksgiving dinner on a white background. Best of all, they’re perfect for napping!

Rubber Chicken

It’s not a turkey, but this is a classic as far as goofy flightless birds go! If you’ve ever been a fan of Garfield, chances are you’ve seen a rubber chicken used in humorous ways in the Sunday comics. What you do with yours is up to you, but might we suggest a rubber chicken centerpiece? You’ll have to come up with the design on your own. Pro tip – Archie McPhee’s rubber chicken is said to offer “the most cluck for your buck”!

Turkey Hat

Nothing says “I love Thanksgiving” like a hat that looks just like a perfectly prepared turkey. This one from DealGenius features a breathable mesh lining!

Never Have I Ever

This fun and funny game is a great way to add a little humor to your table! It uses the honor system to expose people’s darkest secrets and silliest moments. Questions can be as innocent or raunchy as you wish, making this game adaptable for all age groups. In the all-ages version, each player receives a set number of candies or snacks, eating one with every confession. The person with the most snacks left at the end is the “winner.” HobbyLark has a list of over 400 questions broken out into categories ranging from mild to wild to get you started.
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