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Wind swept sand dunes in the Monahans State Park in Texas



Looking for some fun, unique places to visit in the Odessa area this summer? We’ve got just what you’re looking for. From oceans of sand to Stonehenge replicas, here are our ideas for your must-see list.

Monahans Sandhills State Park

Have you ever surfed a sand dune? Well, you can try it at this state park. Its nickname “Ocean of Sand” is well-earned. As you look across the landscape, you’ll see “wave” after “wave” of sand, marked with feathery, frothy lines made by the wind. Thanks to the ever-shifting sand, you can actually rent a sandboard and surf these dunes. And since there is no way to keep the sand from covering trails, the park doesn’t have any, allowing visitors to freely explore the dunes, wherever your curiosity takes you. Just remember to bring lots of water and sunscreen!

White-Pool House

This historic landmark is listed on the National Register of Historical Places, and stands as a monument to 19th century Texas life. It was built in 1887 by Charles and Lucy White and their sons, Wilfred and Herbert. It was constructed with brick and caliche rock and housed the White family until Charles died in 1905. The home was donated to Ector County in 1977 and has been a favorite stop for visitors who want to learn a little more about Texas history. It’s the oldest structure in the county, so don’t miss it! And check out the museum while you’re there!

Odessa’s Stonehenge

Officially called the Permian Basin Stonehenge, this replica of the famous British standing stones was built in just six weeks during the summer of 2004. It was intended as a teaching tool for University of Texas students and was designed by stoneworkers Connie and Brenda Edwards. Though it is shorter than the original, everything else is entirely accurate – including its astronomical alignment.

Globe of the Great Southwest

Speaking of replicas, did you know Odessa is home to “the most authentic permanent replica of the original Globe Theater”? That’s right, as in the theater in London built for William Shakespeare’s acting company. This theater was constructed thanks to community donations and the efforts of local resident Marjorie Morris. It definitely belongs on your list of must-see attractions to visit this summer!

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