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Door mat at Sedona Ranch in Odessa, Texas



A styled entryway leads you and your guests into a cozy dwelling. Whether you’re going for a bohemian-inspired look or an ultra-mod style, here are our favorite DIY doormat techniques to spice up your home’s front entry.

For a durable, long-lasting, mold- and weather-resistant material, coir doormats are your best bet when DIY-ing. Coir (pronounced coy-er) is a natural and biodegradable material made from the outer husk of a coconut. These sturdy fibers work great at attracting dirt and debris, making for the perfect doormat.

Cut It

All you need to cut a coir mat is a precision utility knife, a measuring tape (unless you freestyle it), and a protective material to place underneath where you’ll be cutting. Measure out where you want to cut. Or, for an easy trick, lay a piece of tape down to follow along the edge with the blade. Whether you’re changing up the size or carving out an intricate design, make sure when you’re cutting that you’re working along the backside of the coir mat.

Paint It

From bold and colorful to more neutral tones, paint is a straightforward way to transform a coir mat. Spray paint can be a quick but tricky application. While painting by hand is more precise, it takes a bit longer. Any technique will require some taping or covering, unless you’re doing one solid color choice.

Before getting started, set out a drop cloth and round up your supplies. If going the spraying route, try a Krylon Color Master paint. When applying by hand with a brush, you’ll want a form of latex craft paint. Tape off or stencil any spots you want to section off and layer, layer, layer! Check out this video (or this one) for a little inspiration.

Stencil It

Creating detailed designs freestyle is a tedious task that requires a steady hand. For those who want to jump-start their DIY and get to styling their doorstep, try using a stencil. You can print one off or purchase more sturdy stencils online. Measure the placement, tape it onto your mat, and get to painting! For a stencil, you can paint by hand or spray it on – whichever you prefer.

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