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A server carries two wooden serving platters topped with burgers and pub fries through a busy Midland restaurant.

These restaurants in Midland provide gluten-free options

Midland Restaurants Offering Gluten-Free Options

Restaurants throughout the nation are now offering a wider selection of gluten-free foods. The demand for gluten-free food, due to both independent choice and allergies, has led to more and more people preferring this diet option. These delightful Midland restaurants offer you the opportunity to delve into gluten-free deliciousness anytime you like. Moreover, these restaurants are all close to our luxury Midland apartments at Sundance Creek.

The Patio

The Patio is a fantastic, warm, and charming drafthouse dedicated to bringing you great food at a great price. In addition, their delicious menu has a multitude of gluten-free choices that are sure to fill your belly and bring a smile to your face. Even better, The Patio works diligently to be a vital part of the community, so you can enjoy your plate of gluten-free deliciousness in a welcoming atmosphere.

Garlic Press

The Garlic Press is a unique and fun Midland restaurant devoted to offering customers an eclectic menu that is as delectable as it is unique. Fresh seafood, hand-cut steaks, and fabulous desserts are just a few of the options that the Garlic Press gives you to start with. In addition, the Garlic Press is an excellent place to explore and enjoy gluten-free dining with fun options for you to choose from.

Brew St. Brew & Food

Brew St. Brew & Food is a vegan coffee shop and restaurant. This Midland restaurant offers a variety of vegan comfort food, which includes specialty coffee, wonderful vegan baked goods, and craft beer & wine as well. Even better, this popular spot offers a plethora of gluten-free choices in line with their vegan ideals and options.

Gluten-free restaurants and dining are becoming more and more popular as more people develop food allergies and more choose a different path with their diet. These excellent Midland restaurants are offering you an opportunity to dive into some delectable gluten-free cooking without the fuss or mess. For more restaurant options, including the best sports bars, check out our other blog posts. Moreover, each of these lovely restaurants is close to our luxury Midland apartments so now you can grab a bit to eat and still be home in time to cuddle up and watch your favorite sequel. For more information contact us today.