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Woman pondering art at a local gallery near Sundance Creek in Midland, Texas



Museums are fantastic as they educate and engage communities. They also preserve objects so that future generations can understand our past. Midland doesn't just have the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum (which you should also check out), they have quite a few other museums as well. You definitely don't want to miss out on these gems.

Museum of the Southwest

In 1937, a beautiful, historic home was constructed. It was the largest and most luxurious residence in Midland. Nowadays, it houses the Museum of the Southwest that showcases regional art, culture, science, and archaeology. They also just recently added Durham Children's Museum upstairs. It's a playful museum that offers interactive exhibits. On the outside, they have statues you can look at as you explore the grounds. They also hold outdoor concerts and have a farmer's market in the spring and summer.

Midland County Historical Museum

The Midland County Historical Museum houses vintage toys, clothing, household goods, and memorabilia of local life that ranges from prehistoric times to the 20th century. Local cowboys donated saddles, hats, and tack for a display. A historic photo shows a locally made 1911 "aeroplane" that is now on display at the Midland airport.

CAF Airpower Museum

CAF Airpower focuses on the history of World War II military aviation, among other things having to do with WWII. Its collections include nearly 400,000 artifacts. Among those artifacts are more than 4,900 oral histories collected from World War II Veterans of aviation. There is also a full exhibit about George HW Bush's plane being shot down in 1944. They have actual footage of his rescue. Some of the planes on display can still fly, and sometimes they actually do.

These museums are just some of the great things to see in Midland. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and schedule a tour as well.