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Plate of tacos at a taquiera near Sundance Creek in Midland, Texas



Being so close to the southern border of the United States, Texas has been known across the country as having some of the most authentic Mexican cuisine.  Family-owned restaurants make this state the best place to get Mexican food that is both tasty and true to the culture of Mexico. 

Treat yourself to vibrant flavors and check out these local eateries:  


Located at 111 W Oak Ave., Taco DiVino offers a large selection of tacos that are filled with different kinds of meats and veggies, making it perfect for everyone.  Along with the tacos there is a large assortment of wines that complement the food.  Just over a mile from the Sundance Creek community, it is the perfect place to have a delicious meal for a night on the town.    


For those looking a nice dinner and drink during happy hour, Jorge's Mexican Cafe has got you covered.  The casual set up of the restaurant promotes a calming, relaxing feeling that makes it easy for one to take off their hat at the end of the day and enjoy a nice margarita with some hot food.  Located less than a mile north of the Sundance Creek community, it is perfect for those who want to get away without really getting too far away.  


Need a quick bite after a long work day?  This taco truck is one to beat.  The convenience of delivery to door with the great comforts of Mexican spice make Taqueria El Real an example of how great the community with Midland, Texas is.  Open until 11 p.m., it is perfect for those who need a late night snack and is within walking distance of the Sundance Creek community.   Want some great Mexican cuisine within the city of Midland, Texas?  Then look no further than these places here.  With their exceptional taste, authenticity, and great service, you won't want to find these delicious platters anywhere else.  Contact us today about our convenient placement within the city and these wonderful restaurants!