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Resident relaxing on the hood of her car watching the sunset while on a road trip from her home at Sundance Creek in Midland, Texas

How to Plan (and Execute) a Flawless Summer Road Trip


There is something special about summer road trips – the open road and seemingly endless sunlight. Perhaps it is the excitement of the adventures that lie ahead or the chance to unwind and slow down. This summer seems poised for the perfect road trip – gas is cheap, traffic is light, and scenic drives are easy to find. Here are a few tips to help you plan and execute a flawless summer trip.

Plan Your Route

It’s good to have a plan. Figuring out your destination and your route you’ll take helps you understand the time you’ll have to enjoy the trip. You’ll also have a good idea of the weather and you’ll have specifics on what scenic opportunities you’ll encounter when you do hit the road.

Consider Renting an RV

Why not make your summer travel an all-inclusive room on wheels? Renting an RV is a great way to experience a journey seeing new places at your own pace. You’ll also enjoy an added bonus – having everything you need with you. Roll up to a lake and hop in. Drive to the trailhead and hike. Park and snag a picnic table for a celebratory refreshment you grabbed from the fridge.

Pack a Cooler Full of Healthy Snacks

Road trips are about feeling good and happy vibes, which means fueling up with healthy calories. While you can still treat yourself to the unexpected ice cream at a road stand or an all-you-can-eat barbecue, having fresh veggies and fruits within easy reach sets you up to make healthy choices between feasts and sweets.

Pack Light

Let’s face it. Traveling by car doesn’t require a lot of anything. Comfortable clothing that is up for whatever, a warm fleece for cool evenings, your fave flip-flops for drive time, and sneakers for roadside surprise hikes are about all you need.

Keep it Loose

While we started off with the idea that planning is a good idea, we mean it, but we also think you should build plenty of time into your schedule for serendipitous moments. The type of unexpected explorations like a national monument you’ve never been to, a trail that leads to a spectacular waterfall, or a tucked-away hot spring no one knows is there.

Take the Long Way

Opting to travel the backroads to your destination offers the chance to experience the pace of life the locals live. These roads will get you to your destination but likely not as quickly, which means you’ll have more time to appreciate the authenticity of the people you meet and the opportunity to slow down, even if it’s just an afternoon.

Road trips are your chance to enjoy life a little more, sing like no one is listening, and experience the beauty in everyday moments. Bottom line: Be open to adventure and travel safely.

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