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3 yellow rubber duckies in bubbles



A bubbly, fragrant bubble bath is one of the best forms of self-care. Take a few minutes, maybe a couple dozen minutes, and let the bubbles melt a day of worry away. The team at Sundance Creek has a few tips so you can complete your next home spa day with the ultimate bubble bath.

Make Sure It’s Clean

There’s nothing less relaxing than lounging in a tub and wondering when the last time you cleaned it was. Do a little prep and scrub out the tub and give it a good rinse. Go the extra step and consider taking a quick shower beforehand. The ultimate bath is about relaxation, not completing a hygiene chore.

Set the Mood

Once the bathroom is all clean, decorate a little. Light some candles, bring in flowers or plants, and turn on your favorite relaxing music. Get your coziest pajamas or robe set out for after the bath.

Fill the Tub

A bubble bath is not just about water. When you fill the tub you’ll want to pick out just the right bubble bath, bath bomb, Epsom salts, or essential oil to use, and this article from Oprah’s magazine can help. Whether you’re trying to rehydrate dry skin or soothe sore muscles, it’s important to use the right products for the best soaking experience.

Grab a Drink

Cucumber water, tea, a glass of wine, or a whole bottle of wine can make the perfect bath time companion. While you wait for the tub to fill, take the opportunity to grab a drink and your current book.


Set everything on a clean hand towel or a tub caddy to stay dry. You can bring in a stool if you need a sturdy object to set your drink on. In a pinch, put the toilet seat down and throw a towel over it with a coaster. In the real world, you have to make the most out of what you got.

Happy soaking! If you’re looking for more ultimate experiences in 2021, keep reading the Sundance Creek blog.