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Close-up view of colorful and pastel crayons



National Crayon Day is right around the corner! Stop by the office at Sundance Creek from 4-6 PM on Wednesday, March 31, to pick up your free pack of crayons. We’re inviting children and adults alike to draw a picture to display in the common area of the building. Let your imagination run wild! 

National Crayon Day?

That’s right! National Crayon Day takes place on March 31 every year. Enjoy taking some time out of your day to celebrate something simple, yet integral to our development. After all, crayons are often the first medium we use to express our creativity as children. Artists have been working with crayons for centuries and have created countless innovative ways to use them.

What Should I Draw?

Draw your favorite animal! A scene from your favorite TV show! A surrealist self-portrait! Whatever your heart desires! Just have fun. Of course, please keep in mind that these drawings will be displayed in our office.

When Is This Again?

It’s all happening on Wednesday, March 31. Stop by the office between 4-6 PM to grab your free crayons! 

What Will Hue Draw?

We look forward to seeing your drawings! Our residents inspire us every day. Be sure to visit our blog to discover local gems and keep up to date with upcoming events.