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A hand using a small, thin paintbrush to write letters in calligraphy on a sheet of paper.



Are you looking for a new passion? Here are five great reasons to pick up calligraphy this fall.

Elevate Your Handwriting

If you’ve never liked your handwriting, it’s not too late to change it up a little! Practicing calligraphy can help you incorporate an artistic flair into your daily scribbles. Are you left-handed? No sweat! Calligraphy allows both right-handed and left-handed individuals to participate and improve their letters. Picking up calligraphy is sure to boost your confidence this season.


Calligraphy is a great hobby that keeps your hands busy, but it also allows you to do other things. Have a new show you want to binge but want to feel productive at the same time? Have an audiobook or lecture you want to listen to? Press play, and keep practicing. You can also use your writing time to meditate – some people find calligraphy very therapeutic and relaxing.

DIY the Holidays

The holidays are on the horizon, and you have just enough time to master a new skill. Calligraphy can help you hand-ink your holiday cards, gift tags, place cards, and even homemade ornaments. Check out some ideas from Pinterest on how to flex your newly learned calligraphy skills.

Improve Your Critical Thinking

Working through lettering is much like problem solving. When your critical thinking brain is unlocked, it can help you sort through complex emotions, improve memory retention, and relieve stress.

It’s Budget-Friendly

Some hobbies are fun to try but are costly to get started. For under $30, using this pretty extensive beginner kit, you can get started on calligraphy and begin practicing your letters.

If you’re looking for more fun at home this fall, check out the Sundance Creek blog.