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As people across the world adapt to exercising in the comfort of their homes, the market for workout gear is booming – and in the middle of all the excitement, you might be tempted to add a new tech toy or an old standby to your at-home gym. But how do you make sure you’re not buying a piece of equipment that will only see action when you move it for cleaning? Take the time to answer these five questions before purchasing any home workout gear, and you’ll be left with no regrets – just results.

Will It Add Value?

Building out a home gym catered to your goals and passions is an investment in your health. There are two sides to that coin. On the one hand, purchasing at-home workout gear isn’t a frivolous expenditure. Your health is important, and any item within your budget that can improve your health is worth considering. On the other hand, we don’t want to fall into the trap of making a bad investment that won’t yield results.

Before purchasing something new for your at-home gym, consider whether it will truly add value to your life. That means doing an inventory of what equipment you already have at home or that’s accessible to you at a community gym. For example, if you can hop on the treadmill or push around some free weights at the Sundance Creek fitness center, you may not get your money’s worth buying a duplicate piece of equipment for your own place.

What’s My Commitment Level?

Just being excited to have a new piece of equipment might get you going at first – but what about when it’s not a shiny new toy anymore? Maybe you love the idea of having a stationary bike with live streaming workouts at home, but you’ve never tried a spin class. A good first step would be taking a few classes at community gyms near you to see how you like it and to assess your commitment level.

It can be hard to judge this accurately for yourself, so if you feel comfortable with it, ask the people who know you best. Is this a fleeting interest for you, or is it something you want to build into your life?

How Will I Use It?

Fitness product marketing can be extremely persuasive. We’re told over and over again that a single piece of equipment is the only thing standing between us and all the fitness changes we want to see. But before committing to an at-home gym purchase, it’s important to make a concrete plan for when, how, and how often you’ll use your new equipment. Try to sketch out – or find online – at least a 90-day workout plan that makes good use of your gear.

Bottom line: If you make a purchase, you’d better be sure you’re going to use what you’re buying. Moving from general interest in a product to a concrete plan on how to use it is an important step in maximizing your equipment and getting the results you want. And that’s ultimately what matters most!

How Will I Store It?

Thinking practically before you add to your home gym can help avoid frustration and regrets later. Consider where your new equipment will live at home, both when you’re using it and when you’re storing it, and make sure anyone who shares your living space is happy with the solution, too. If you’re in a one or two bedroom apartment at Sundance Creek, assess how you’re using the oversized closets and have a plan before you bring home your new gear.

How Can I Get the Most for My Money?

The good news is that you have an abundance of options when you’re looking at new home fitness gear. The bad news? There’s a lot to sort through, between up-front and recurring monthly costs, different but similar products, and a range of retailers that offer various promotions. Doing your basic homework will give you confidence that you’re making a sound decision and maximizing the benefit on your health for what you pay. If you’re thinking about a larger purchase, like a rower or a stationary bike, watch for seasonal sales that could bring the cost down significantly. Compare similar items by reading reviews and considering costs, paying special attention to those recurring monthly streaming fees that really add up over time.

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