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Orange cat sniffs a sealed bottle of dark red wine



Yes, you read that right: We’re talking about wine for cats. These are non-alcoholic beverages usually made with a base of catnip infusion with the addition of flavorings or oils. So get ready to enjoy happy hour with your kitty and one of these delicious feline wines.


Pet Winery carries several trendy made-for-pet treats from faux wine to faux ice cream. Their feline line of wines includes Purrgundy, a catnip infusion flavored with salmon oil, which will give your kitty a shiny coat and healthy skin. And the catnip will make them a little “silly,” according to their website, so you can enjoy having fun together.

Pinot Meow

One of the first manufacturers of cat wine to hit the market, Apollo Peak is known for its sophisticated branding and high-quality wine recipes. Try the Pinot Meow, a catnip blend which is made with a beet root infusion to give it a rich, garnet color just like real wine. This one is also a weaker blend, which makes it ideal for younger cats, whose systems might not tolerate catnip as well as older cats do.


Also from Apollo Peak, Catbernet, a valerian infusion, is made specifically for cats who don’t respond to catnip. This will essentially give most cats the same reaction – increased playfulness – as the catnip-based blends.

Meow & Chandon

This is for special occasions – a little faux champagne for your furry friend. This is another blend of a catnip infusion with salmon oil, sure to make your kitty jump for joy (literally). It’s a perfect way to celebrate your pet’s birthday or a special holiday.

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