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The start of the new year always brings a big breath of fresh air, a chance to begin the year leaving any worries behind, and a sense of hope and motivation moving forward. Surround yourself with all the positivity on New Year’s Day with these four activities to kick the year off right.

Go For a Hike

There’s nothing like fresh air and time spent outdoors to kick off the new year. Want a weekend away? Join a park ranger with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department for the first trail hike of the season. Not quite ready for something of that stamina? But still want to tie a getaway with getting outside on your own terms. Whatever you do, just make sure you get outside for some exercise. It sets the tone for the days, weeks, months, and year ahead. Want to catch some extra zzz’s? There’s a late risers hike for you, too.

Cleanse and Organize

Okay, we get it. This may not sound the most appealing but honestly there’s nothing better than starting fresh — not only in the sense of the new year, but also a clean and organized home. Spend the day tackling areas of your home that have been bringing you down. Go through unwanted items, set them in a donation pile, and give everything else a home. Organization is key in starting a new year off right.

Set Intentions

There’s no better time than the present to set your intentions or make resolutions in the coming year. Take some time out of your day to journal your reflections on the last year, and how you plan to make changes moving forward. What lessons did you learn? What did you do well? Embrace it all — the good and the bad — and you’ll feel even more empowered to strive to be your best self. Tip: Whether in a journal or on a post-it note, write it down. Writing your resolutions or intentions down simply means there’s a higher chance you will follow through with them.

Ride a Bike

Feel the wind in your face as you spin your wheels around town. Change your transportation mode for the day to a bike, and you’ll not only get some exercise but you’ll have fun doing it too.

It’s been said that however you spend New Year’s Day sets the tone for the rest of the year. Make it count with these four activities to kick off the year right. For more inspiration, check out our Sundance Creek Blog.