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Man standing outside a festive door with a wrapped gift behind his back



Everyone’s got one of those people in their lives. That special someone who’s already bought everything they could want, and who you’ve already worn out all your most creative ideas on. It’s too soon for another astrology chart or palm reading. Their walls are already lined with your handmade potato stamp prints. And their wardrobe is half-filled with clothing you hand knitted from your own angora rabbits, humanely raised in your closet for three years. What’s a friend to do? Well, that’s where we come in! This year, let Sundance Creek be your guide to the best gift for your spoiled friend. Trust us, they won’t see these ones coming.

Genetic Engineering Home Lab Kit

Finally, everything your friend needs to play God! Imagine the fun they’ll have biohacking the family dog. Head over to The ODIN for this and other biohacking supplies. You might also consider including their Bioengineering 101 video class for good measure – no experience needed!

Uranium Ore

From Amazon, of course! The listing says it’s for testing geiger counters, but your friend can do whatever they want with it (tell them not to eat it!). Even if you aren’t going to give the gift of radioactive material, you should still check out the questions and answers about this thing. Some are quite creative.

Zombie Taxidermy Mouse

If your friend has a warped or macabre sense of humor, how about this little fella? There’s a lot going on here, something to appeal to every facet of your friend’s twisted personality. It all starts with a taxidermied mouse. Add to that a little plaid shirt, a hat, a banjo, and more. This is a gift that truly can’t be topped.

For more ideas on brightening someone’s else’s holiday, visit the Sundance Creek blog.