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Paintbrushes at Sundance Creek in Midland, Texas



The great state of Texas is known for being big and rustic – the home of classic American lifestyles and diverse people. Use your imagination and spare time to honor the heart of Texas with these 3 simple craft projects.

Fingerprint Bluebonnets on Canvas

What better way to show your Texan pride than by creating some beautiful art of the state flower. Bluebonnets can be created by adults or children, simply by dipping fingertips in blue paint and then pressing onto a canvas in the flower’s shape. Add a painted green stem, and you have elegant looking art to adorn your walls.

Texas Flag Mason Jars

Storage and decoration come together with these Texas flag mason jars. All you need is 3 jars, primer, and red, white, and blue paint. Start by painting all 3 jars with primer – 2 coats is recommended. Let it sit overnight before painting 2 of the jars red and white: red on the bottom half and white on the top half. The third jar can be painted all blue with a white star in the middle. Tip: cut the star out of painter's tape and put it on the jar before applying the blue paint. Once the blue paint is dry, you can easily remove the tape and color in the star with your white paint. Line the jars up next to each other (with the blue jar on the left,) fill with your favorite flowers or craft supplies, and you have a fun and practical craft to decorate your shelves.

Bottle Cap Art Map

Bottle cap art is a fun and original way to create pieces using minimal supplies. All you need is a piece of wood – old barn wood will really give that rustic,Texas feel – a strong epoxy glue, and as many bottle caps as you need. To make it truly Texan, try to get your hands on Lone Star beer bottle caps. Not a big drinker? Never fear! Bottle caps of your choice can be purchased online. To create your piece, sketch the shape you wish to fill on the wood and then glue the bottle caps into place. Whether you’re creating a bottle cap map, Texas star, or running horse, you are guaranteed a truly unique piece of art for your home.

All it takes is a little creativity and some simple supplies to create fun, original crafts to decorate your home or gift to friends and family. For more fun ideas, check out our blog page today!