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From buttermilk biscuits to fried chicken and peach cobbler, southern food is all the comfort… and, unfortunately, all the calories. Here are some killer ways to recreate your favorite recipes while limiting the excess calories.

1. Skip the Frying

That’s right... We said it! While throwing a stick of butter into a pan and sauteing the smithereens out of that tender catfish filet might sound incredible – An easy way to skip the extra calories is to ditch the fry pan and bake it instead! Try this insanely-good baked catfish recipe. Dive into each flaky bite of its flavorful cajun seasoning and textured cornmeal coating. The same goes for chicken: Pass up the calorie-heavy oil and try this extra-crispy baked chicken recipe instead.

2. Minimize the Sugar

BBQ recipes are known for their sweet, zesty, zingy, spicy flavors – Which is why they taste so amazing. Whip together your favorite BBQ flavors into a low-sugar, low-carb sauce creation. We promise the flavor is just as amazing as the OGs!

The same goes for the all-time favorite southern desserts like peach cobbler or sweet potato pie. There are some seriously-amazing recipes out there that call for way less sugar and calories, without compromising on any of the flavor.

3. Choose Low-Fat Dairy

Classic dishes like mashed potatoes can be easily “healthified” by swapping out full-fat dairy ingredients with no- or low-fat options. Potatoes in general are a great carbohydrate source and are quite tasty, however, as soon as we load them up with butter, sour cream, and cheese, all those healthy nutrients practically go right out the door. Whip up this savory mashed potato dish and skip those extra calories – But don’t worry, you can still have a dab of delicious butter to melt on top!

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