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Think you have the chops to take down your neighbors at trivia? Anatole on Briarwood is hosting Zoom trivia night at 5 PM on Feb. 25. Get in touch with our office for the details and to sign up. To provide you with a little inspiration for the fun-filled night ahead, enjoy this list of the top three trivia TV shows of all time.


A storied history totaling more than 40 years and 8,000 episodes. A beloved host regarded as one of the brightest personalities in television history. A brain-bending format that challenges even the shrewdest of contestants. Yes, Jeopardy! is all those things – and thus an easy choice for No. 1.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

During its Regis Philbin heyday, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? was can’t-miss television. Perhaps it’s the escalating difficulty of the questions, the drama-filled lifelines, or the over-the-top music, but this show makes you feel as if you’re riding an emotional roller coaster right alongside the contestant.

Cash Cab

OK, so maybe it doesn’t have the fanfare of some of the other entries on this list, but this show is pretty darn entertaining. From its premise that catches contestants by surprise to its challenging questions, it’s captivating to watch. I mean, just imagine hailing a cab and ending up on a TV show. For a behind-the-scenes look at how, exactly, Cash Cab contestants come to be (and if it’s really as random as it seems), check out this enlightening explainer.

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