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A woman in athletic wear and a medical mask runs on a treadmill.



This terrible year is finally coming to a close, and you’ve decided to start out the new one with a bold new fitness goal. Good for you! Anatole on Briarwood has a few suggestions for helping you stay on track and make this your best year yet. Go team!

Hit the Gym

Fortunately for you, Anatole on Briarwood has its own fully equipped, 24-hour fitness center with cardio machines onsite. If you need to supplement your workout here with another option, Crunch Fitness is just a 5-minute drive north.

Take It Slow

Yoga offers an excellent workout and can be easier on the body. It’s also a great way to soothe and stretch sore muscles after a trip to the gym. Midland Yoga Works is only an 8-minute drive from Anataloe on Briarwood, making it an excellent option.

Chill Out

The jury is still out on whether cryotherapy is the real thing, but plenty of people swear by it. ProSource Hydration Cryo & Recovery is a 7-minute drive from our community and promises fast relief from joint and chronic pain. They also tout cryo technology as a cure for a variety of other ailments you might be experiencing, including migraines, depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.

Time to Relax

When you’re really ready to relax and recover, nothing does the job quite like a massage. Massage Oasis is just 8 minutes from our community and offers a few varieties to choose from. Not only is a massage amazingly relaxing, it can be therapeutic, helping relieve pain and loosen tight and knotted muscles.

We hope these local Midland businesses help make your resolution a little easier. For more tips on staying happy and healthy in 2021, visit the Anatole on Briarwood blog.