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Escape room lock at Anatole on Briarwood in Midland, Texas



Escape rooms, for those who may not know, are rooms given a narrative and designed to encourage intelligence, increase problem solving skills, and fortify teamwork in order to solve a variety of puzzles, thwart the bad guys, and escape the room. This particular escape room is located less than five miles from our apartments in Midland.

The Escape Room in Midland has many rooms to explore and, hopefully, escape from. There are too many to list here, so these are three that stand out:


The Royal Quest is very difficult, but not scary. You are the eldest son of the king, who is dying, which will make you the new king. Your evil brother has schemed his way into running the country into the ground while banishing you from the area. You have to make it into the castle through secret tunnels and your mission is to get to your father's study to find proof of your inheritance before your brother finds you. This is for two to six players and will take one hour. There is a very low success rate, so design your group accordingly.


Last Chance is also for two to six players and will take one hour. But the fear level is much higher. The story is based on the Saw franchise. Jigsaw has caught your group and locked you into a room full of deadly traps and puzzles. Your group must outsmart Jigsaw and find your way out of the room, or the deadly nerve gas slowly pumping into the room will kill you no matter what.


El Cazador Shipwreck also lasts for one hour and it isn't as scary as Last Chance. This is for 4-16 players and is of moderate difficulty. A Spanish ship has run aground near the continent of the United States in 1783 and a ghost-like captain comes to your group demanding that you give him his medallion back. You fear violence if you don't give it to him, but what even is it, and who would have it? Solve the puzzles and find the medallion to get out of the room within 60 minutes, or suffer the ghostly consequences.

These are just a few of the adventures that you will find near our Midland, Texas apartment community. If you have any questions, please contact us at the Anatole on Briarwood. We look forward to hearing from you.