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Classy gold white and black wrapping paper rolls on a white background



Nothing goes to waste during the holiday season. Say it again with us — nothing goes to waste. Don’t let that leftover wrapping paper sit another year in storage. Put it to use with these seven crafts ideas for leftover wrapping paper, and you’ll feel resourceful and creative, all in one sitting.


Shred it up! The easiest way to use up that leftover paper is by shredding it up. Get yourself a paper shredder, and turn that festive wrapping into your next holiday’s decor (looking at you, NYE).

Bookshelf or Drawer Liner

Dress up a boring bookshelf or drawer with some fancy paper liner. Not only will it help protect the surface, but it brings a little fun to an ordinary piece of furniture. A quick and easy tutorial will turn your piece from drab to fab in no time.

Festive Photo Frames

Fill some empty photo frames with your leftover wrapping to add to your holiday decor. To jazz it up even more, add in a dry-erase marker saying or drawing to the frame.

Paper Cone Christmas Tree

Don’t have a Christmas tree? Want to add to your Christmas decor? The paper cone Christmas tree is an excellent way to use up your paper. Simply create a bunch of cones and assemble to the base: the wrapping paper cardboard roll.


Turn an ordinary brown clipboard into a colorful piece of art using wrapping paper. Using spray adhesive or modge podge, place the paper flat on your board, and cut precisely using an exacto knife.

Disposable Placemats

Make eating fun! Cut out a 12-inch by 18-inch rectangle and wow guests with a festive tablescape. Want to use them again? Simply take them to your local office supply store and have them laminated.

Floating Shelves Liner

Whether you use neutral or holiday-themed paper, use it to line some easy DIY floating shelves that you can leave up year-round, or seasonally. The crates at craft supply stores are inexpensive and easy to put up as your floating shelf piece.

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