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Stacks of empty bowls



Art and philanthropy once again collide as Empty Bowls makes its return to Midland on Jan. 30. West Texas Food Bank Midland’s new Innovative Gardens plays host this year as the event goes outdoors. So what, exactly, is Empty Bowls all about? We’ll answer that question and more.

What Is It?

Empty Bowls is part of an international movement – and one of the West Texas Food Bank’s biggest fundraisers. The premise is simple. Pay $15 and you get a handmade ceramic bowl crafted by a local artist along with a bowl of soup. That $15, according to a January 2020 article in the Midland Reporter-Telegram, helps purchase about 60 meals for hungry families across the Permian Basin.

This is a National Movement, You Say?

Yep. Empty Bowls began in Michigan in 1991 when a high school art teacher and his students held a fundraiser in which they made ceramic bowls for a meal of soup and bread. Sound familiar? The concept spread far beyond Michigan as it grew into what it is today – a prominent fundraiser for organizations worldwide.

How Long Has This Event Been Held in Midland?

This is the 21st year of Midland’s Empty Bowls event.

Can I Chip in on a Broader Level?

You sure can. Check out the Empty Bowls site to donate money – or your own handcrafted bowls! 

Tell Me More About the West Texas Food Bank

West Texas Food Bank’s impact stretches across West Texas. The nonprofit provides food to individuals across 34,000 square miles with the help of more than 80 partner agencies. Read more about it and find out other ways to help hungry West Texas families at its website.

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