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Smiling dog owner taking a selfie with her dog on her bed at Anatole on Briarwood



Technology is making it easier than ever to be the best pet owner you can be. Check out these amazing gadgets that you and your furry friend will love.

Automatic Fetch Machine

We all love a good game of fetch with our precious pups, but let’s face it: It can become tiring when you’re playing with an especially active dog. This gadget will launch a tennis ball for your dog’s fetching enjoyment as long as he has the energy to chase them. You can adjust the range, making it possible to play both indoors and outdoors. And it runs on batteries, making it easily transportable.

Furbo Dog Camera

We all know what it’s like to be away from home, worrying about our sweet pets. Well, worry no more. This amazing, wide-lens camera livestreams from your home so you can check on your dog at any time, from any location. Best of all, it alerts you when your dog is barking and lets you dispense treats to keep your dog feeling loved.

Tagg Pet Tracker

This smart collar will do you one better than a microchip – it literally tracks your dog through an app on your phone that tells you his exact location, using GPS technology. Not only that, but it immediately alerts you when your dog leaves his designated territory. This is perfect for puppies or active dogs who are transitioning into a new home.

Pet Cube Play Smart Pet Camera

Like the Furbo camera, this gadget allows you to check on your pup at any time using its livestream feature. You can also zoom in for a closer look and take advantage of its two-way audio capabilities. This camera has the added ability to entertain your pup with a dog-safe laser. You can manually manipulate it, engaging in real time with your dog, from afar, or set it to automatic when you’re busy. It’ll keep you furry friend active and entertained even when you’re not home.

Automatic Pet Feeder

Never worry about your pup’s mealtime when you’re away from home – because these machines will assure that your furry friend will always be able to eat on time. You can program this feeder to dispense the correct amount of food at certain times of the day and even record your voice so you can “call” your dog to dinner.

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