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A woman tastes the soup that is simmering on her stove. Chopped vegetables sit on the counter in the background.



The weather outside may be frightful, but your home can be delightful when it’s filled with the aromas and flavors of these four delicious, cozy soups that will warm you up and fill you up at the same time.

Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup

If you love Italian food and you love cream of chicken soup, then this recipe from Taste of Home is for you! Similar to one of the crowd favorites from the menu at Olive Garden, it incorporates sauteed veggies, garlic, fresh spinach, chicken, and potato gnocchi with lots of creamy dairy goodness. This isn’t necessarily a low-cal meal option, but it’s flavorful, rich, and satisfying – and only takes around 40 minutes to make. So worth it!

30-Minute Coconut Curry Soup With Shrimp

This mouth-watering Coconut Curry Soup is made with ginger, garlic, red curry paste, and coconut milk. The recipe calls for shrimp, but you can always substitute anything from tofu to chicken. Who needs takeout when you can make something this good at home?

Wintertime Braised Beef Stew

If pot roast were a soup, it would be this Wintertime Braised Beef Stew. It’s easy to make, filled with chunky root vegetables, cannellini beans, and your choice of either sirloin or chuck roast steak. Reviewers say it makes fantastic leftovers as the flavors continue to develop with time, so if you’re meal prepping, make a double batch and keep or freeze some for later.

Creamy Broccoli & White Bean Soup

Looking for something vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free? This Creamy Broccoli and White Bean Soup is just the meal ticket. Don’t be fooled by the word “creamy” in its name – there’s actually no dairy in this rich and creamy soup. Instead, white beans, broccoli, garlic, and kale are simmered in white wine, vegetable broth, and olive oil. Mmmmm.

Head to your kitchen, get cooking, and let us know what time we should be there for dinner! For more great lifestyle ideas, take a look at the Anatole on Briarwood blog.