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Mak drinking coffee in his home office



Get more from your home office with a few simple ergonomic tweaks that will change the way you feel on the daily. Here are five tips to help you make your space work for you.


Yes, your chair matters. Choose a chair that supports your personal spinal curves. When sitting, your chair height should be adjusted so that your feet rest flat on the floor, and your thighs are parallel to the floor. Arm rests are important too – your arms should gently rest on them, with shoulders relaxed.

Adjustable Standing Desk

Standing desks have been all the rage the last few years, and for good reason. Studies have shown that a standing desk leads to less back pain, more calories burned throughout the day, a productivity increase, and overall better health due to less sitting. There is a right way to stand though: your head, neck, and spine should all be in a straight line when you stand. Not ready to fully commit to a standup desk? Invest in a monitor stand that can transform your sit-down desk to standing in seconds.


Your computer monitor should be directly in front of you, just about an arms length away. The top of your screen should be at or just above eye level, so your eyes are not straining while looking at the screen.


If you’re in a position that requires you to be on the phone a lot, it’s best to say goodbye to using your phone, and get a headset. Not only does it allow you to be hands-free, but its major perk is limiting outside noise and providing a crisp, clear reception.

Keyboard & Mouse

Your keyboard and mouse need to be comfortable to use, considering your hands are hard at work on them constantly throughout the day. Keep wrists straight as you type and move your mouse, with arms close to your body and hands in line or just below your elbows. There are several keyboards on the market that are designed with ergonomics in mind, like this Logitech Keyboard and Mouse combo.

Follow these tips for making your home office more ergonomic, and you can work comfortably in the comforts of home. For more lifestyle tips, visit the Olympus Waterford blog.