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Minimalism is so 2021 (and 2020, and 2019)! The bold new home design trend for 2022 is maximalism. This “more-is-more” style embraces abundance in both color and scale, in direct contrast to the neutral tones and pared-down decor of modern Scandi modernism. The trick is in being able to pull it off without resulting in rooms that look like a cluttered mess. Here’s how.

What Exactly is Maximalism?

Maximalism is an offshoot of cluttercore and cottagecore, that advocates for an abundance of mismatched but meaningful objects. Think intentional pattern clashes, bold color blocking, layering of rugs and fabrics, and big, striking accessories. Mix and max shapes, tones, and textures. There aren’t any hard and fast rules – it’s all about being adventurous and brave.

In the Living Room

Go busy or go big, but don’t do both. If you opt for busy, put up patterned wallpaper, striped furniture, and lots of accessories. If you go big, pick oversized pieces of furniture and art, layer rugs, and play with scale in the room, but throttle back on the accessories.

In the Bedroom

Max out your bedroom with a boldly upholstered bed, and then layer on bedding and pillows in varying shades of the same color with a pop of contrast here and there. Get creative by painting some coordinated color blocking in a similar palette on the walls or the ceiling (or go super Maximal and do both).

In the Bathroom

Due to its relatively small size, it’s hard to do anything oversized in a bathroom or powder room, so this is a great space to embrace patterns. Find a bold, bright floral wallpaper (keep it removable if you’re renting). Contrast it with a geometric, polka dot, or checkerboard rug on the floor and create more layers of pattern with your shower curtain and towels.

Have fun trying something new and check out the Olympus Waterford blog for more inspiration.