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A delicious dish of Pho at one of the local restaurants near by Olympus Waterford in Keller, Texas.



Pho is everywhere in the United States these days, especially in places with at least a small amount of Vietnamese people. Thanks to its rich, fresh ingredients and flavorful broth, this noodle dish has become a favorite in all corners of the country.

Here in Keller, TX, there are several pho restaurants that are only a short drive away from our Olympus Waterford community. Regardless of whether you are a foodie who has been eating pho for years now or simply a person who has yet to experience the deliciousness of this dish, make sure to stop by one of the following restaurants the next time you are eating out.

Pho Big Bowl

If you are looking for a place that will give you a sense of being transported to Vietnam, then you definitely have to check out Pho Big Bowl. It is a spacious restaurant with lots of Vietnamese decorations displayed all around, giving guests a bit of a cultural experience.

The menu here also has a lot of different pho options for you to try out. If you have never had pho before, you can never go wrong with a bowl with chicken or steak. However, for those who are more familiar, make sure you give the meatballs a try!

The Pho House

One of our favorite things about The Pho House is its aesthetics. The interior design gives off a very tranquil vibe with wooden tables and minimalist wall decorations, which simply all come together to create an amazing atmosphere for enjoying a hearty bowl of pho. Another unique aspect about this place is that it features a special pho option that comes with a side of bone marrow. Beef bone is typically used to cook the broth but it is quite rare for restaurants to serve it to customers. However, if you come to The Pho House and ask for a bowl of Quy's Pho, you will get a side piece of bone with delicious marrow waiting to be eaten.

Pho in the Box

Right outside on Keller Parkway is Pho in the Box, a restaurant that is more fast-casual than your usual pho dining spot. Because of its quick service, this is the ideal place to grab a bite to eat if you are on a break from work and have a bit of time constraint.

While you're here to eat pho, however, feel free to also pick up other food to try, such as some egg rolls or a cup of the special Vietnamese salty lemonade.

Residents of Olympus Waterford have plenty of fantastic dining options that are only minutes away from their home. Please contact us to learn more and arrange your private tour of our wonderful community.

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