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Even though the Pokemon slogan is “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”, let’s be real. That would be a waste of pokeballs. But “Catch Only the Cool Ones!” doesn’t sound as good. If you’re filling up your collectible binder, investing in rare Pokemon cards, or trying to build a sick deck, here are a few cards to watch out for when opening the new Pokemon Shining Fates booster packs. 

Full Art Ditto VMAX

There’s nothing cooler than a giant blob. Ditto is an OG generation one Pokemon that can mimic other Pokemon. The VMAX version is like regular Ditto, but Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man size – or at least that’s the feeling the shiny full art card will give you. This is obviously not to be confused with the regular VMAX Ditto card, which has a different pose and borders around the image. 

Full Art Lapras VMAX

OK, the truth is that Lapras isn’t cool. However, Lapras is cute as all heck. And the super shiny full art VMAX card feels like the Loch Ness monster got a glow up and is inviting you for a ride back into your childhood years, or the sunset, both … or whatever. There’s no way your friends won’t be jealous of your Lapras VMAX. 

Full Art Holo Gold Eternatus VMAX

One of the rarest and most expensive cards in the Shining Fates booster packs is the gold Eternatus VMAX card. Pay attention to if it has the border or if it’s the full art version. People were selling this card for a couple hundred bucks on release, and while prices have dropped, there’s likely a chance this card will quickly return to one of the hardest cards to get ahold of. 

Full Art Charizard VMAX

If you want to take your Charizard to the next level, you’ll want to evolve it into its VMAX form. The shiny holo Charizards tend to be the most popular, most expensive, and some of the rarest finds in any deck. Stumbling across one in a booster pack is definitely squeal-worthy, if not fist pump-worthy. 

Galarian Weezing

Koffing and its evolutions are some of the more grotesque Pokemon in the pocket monster world. Galarian Weezing is a variation of Weezing that comes with a top hat that emulates a smoke stack – and also it has a mustache. If you happen to get it reverse holo or shiny, that’s super cool. 

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