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Brewery taps at Shannon Brewing near Olympus Waterford in Keller, Texas



Texas may be a long way from Ireland, but authentic Irish-style beer can be found, freshly brewed, right here in Keller. It seems a craft brewery can be found on every corner nowadays, but Shannon Brewing Company sets itself apart from the rest in many ways.

Never Filtered, Never Pasteurized

Shannon Brewing Company prides itself on producing "never filtered, never pasteurized" all natural beer made with Samantha Springs Texas spring water, whole flower hops, and only the finest-quality malted barley. All of these natural products come together in an age-old Irish brewing process called fire brewing. This means that the mash and wort are heated with fire to allow a slow, steady caramelization of the sugar in the wort, leading to a maltier flavored beer. Most breweries will not attempt this process as modern heating elements are far easier to control than actual fire, but Shannon Brewing Company is willing to risk the elements to make the best beer for its customers. Take the time to go on the brewery tour so you can see this amazing process in action and prep your taste buds for the tap room.

The Tap Room

Shannon Brewing Company usually has about 10 beers on tap, providing something for every beer drinker. Along with porters, pilsners, and IPA's, you will find several kinds of stouts and ales. Try a flight of 4 beers for $7 before choosing your favorite. The beer is quite reasonably priced with 16 oz drafts from $5-$7 and 6- and 12-packs for under $10. Some beers can also be purchased in 5.6 and 15.5 gallon kegs. Food is available for purchase, but customers are welcome to bring in their own food or order in from a local restaurant and enjoy it in the tap room or beer garden.


Besides providing the community with great beer and a friendly, comfortable place to enjoy it, Shannon Brewing Company makes great efforts to promote sustainability. Using a natural water source for brewing, collecting rainwater for gardening, donating spent grain to local farmers for feed, using recycled materials for packaging, and lighting the brewery with LED and high-efficiency fluorescent bulbs are just some of the ways Shannon Brewing Company helps make a positive difference in the environment and the community. So, visit today and support a local business as well your community!

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