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A glass of carbonated brown soda with ice against a dark grey background



Mark your calendars – Nov. 19 is Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day! To commemorate, let’s rank ‘em: The three undisputed best sodas ever concocted!

3. Pepsi

Our favorite kind of Pepsi? Pepsi’s Pepsi. And it’s a staple for a reason. Next!

2. Fanta

Okay, so we’re kind of cheating here. For a few reasons:

  1. Fanta is caffeine free. But Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day is so unnecessarily limiting, don’t you think?

  2. We don’t know that anyone has ever actually consumed Fanta, either classic or its myriad fruity flavors.

  3. We only selected Fanta because we love its jingle.

But that song is so catchy, Fanta earned the second spot on our list!

1. Coca-Cola BlāK

Did we zip through the first two entries just to get to this one? Maybe. But can you blame us? Honestly, this beverage deserves its own holiday.

First introduced in France, Coca-Cola BlāK soon made its way to the U.S. on that fateful day of April 3, 2006 – only to be discontinued a mere 17 months later. Served in a glass bottle that resembled the classic Coke bottle, and adorned with its eDgY stylized branded name, this celestial concoction of coffee and cola is the stuff of legend.

At the time, few appreciated the soda’s bittersweet flavors and “brutal” aftertaste. But today? Coca-Cola recently introduced a new line of coffee-infused sodas with a less-than-visionary name: Coca-Cola With Coffee. And hey, it’s fine enough. But to those who remember – and still carry a torch for – the mythical Coca-Cola BlāK, it just isn’t the same. At least we still have our memories.

Make New Memories

On Nov. 19, to celebrate this bubbly holiday, we’ll be serving sodas all day! So stop by the office at Olympus Waterford and enjoy a free soda. Don’t forget to check out our blog to stay up to date with fun events, lifestyle tips, and more.