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A spooky smoking pumpkin lurking in the shadows near Olympus Waterford



Think you can’t celebrate Halloween this year? Think again! “It’s all treat and no tricks” at Keller Public Library, who will be hosting a Spooky Stories & Virtual Costume Parade event this year. Taking place Oct. 28., viewers can tune in at 10:30 AM to hear spooky – and silly – stories, songs, and rhymes. You can share your costume with the library to take place in the Virtual Costume Parade.

Since the event will be taking place virtually, we thought we’d give you some tips on how to set the mood and make your celebration at home feel a little more spooktacular!

Embrace the Darkness

Just because this event is taking place in the morning doesn’t mean you can’t shut out the light to give you a more immersive, Halloween-appropriate setting! Close the blinds and curtains. Light a few candles. Put up some purple string lights. Just don’t blame us if ghouls and ghosts decide to pay you a visit.

Set the Mood With Music

Nothing screams bone-chilling quite like an All Hallows' Eve playlist! You can find plenty of pre-made playlists on streaming services like Spotify or YouTube. You can of course always make your own, too! Throwing on some music can help put you in the Halloween spirit.

Eat Candy!

Hey, this is Halloween, after all. Don’t forget to have a big bowl of candy out for you to enjoy while you listen to ghoulish tales and bizarre rhymes of all things dreadful and frightful! If candy’s not your thing, or you’ve got the culinary spirit, why not bake a pie? Pumpkin or sweet potato pie will hit the spot. Don’t forget a dollop of whipped cream.

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