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Happy friends toasting with red wine



As the beating heart of Keller, its Old Town neighborhood offers visitors a touchstone to the past as well as all the best of the present. Just north of Bear Creek Road and west of the train tracks, this little neighborhood is filled with fun places to explore – and shop! Check out some of our favorites.

Two Brothers Winery

This new addition to Old Town Keller, established in 2019, has already made a splash in the neighborhood. Owners (and brothers) Brian and Eddie Kirkwood and their wives, Stephanie and Donna, wanted to create a place in the heart of Old Town Keller where locals could relax with an amazing glass of wine. It was the one thing they thought was missing from a town filled with great restaurants and bars: a winery. Spend an afternoon in their tasting room and sample a few of their best wines – and definitely take advantage of their flatbread and dessert offerings!

The Station Patio Icehouse

Owner Rick Figueroa wanted to create the perfect spot for people to come together to enjoy food, drinks, and live music. He envisioned a giant back patio where the entire neighborhood could gather for dinner. And that’s exactly what he created with The Station Patio Icehouse. Their menu features pub food, epic snacks, and almost anything you can imagine eating at a backyard grill party. You’ll definitely want to try the Smoked Pork Cuban Burger and The Rail Car Reuben Sandwich.

Catherine Anne’s Books

This little yellow bookstore is famous among Keller residents. It’s definitely not your typical bookstore. Here, you’ll find an emphasis on Texas history, but they also carry a variety of other books including poetry, children’s books, biographies, and more. Just be mindful when you choose to visit – they’re only open Thursday through Saturday.

Wild Rose Heritage Center

Another little yellow building in Old Town Keller, this heritage center houses keepsakes and artifacts from Keller’s long history. They host monthly Heritage Luncheons during which participants can enjoy a great meal and learn more about the area and its past. They host a variety of other events, as well. If you want to get to know the Keller area, this is definitely a place to explore.

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