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A young man and woman cuddle on a sofa. She is holding a coffee cup and they have a blanket draped around their shoulders.



The holidays are over, and you’ve probably already packed away your festive decorations. However, you can keep your home feeling warm and inviting with these three post-holiday decor ideas. You may even be able to use some of your holiday decorations in new and different ways.

Repurpose Some Holiday Decorations

Why not get some extra mileage out of those lovely holiday decorations that you otherwise only see for a month or so each year? Take stock of what you’ve got and see what could be repurposed into a pretty, winter-themed display. A grouping of candles and mini-evergreens on the coffee table or a twig-wreath with snowy white touches on the front door or a wall can add elegant, seasonal accents that will hold you over until spring.

Add Some Cozy Textiles

Even with the thermostat cranked up, it’s nice to have a soft wool or chunky-knit blanket on hand to snuggle under on the sofa while movie-watching. A faux fur or sheepskin throw on a chair is soft and invites you to linger. And adding some throw pillows or curtains in fabrics like chenille or velvet instantly softens the space and adds richness and warmth (literally!).

Light it Up

When the days are shorter and it’s dark at 4:30 PM, why not add an appealing (and practical) glow by adding some pretty string lighting on your patio or balcony? Inside, add some battery-powered mini fairy lights with a built-in timer to a few hurricane lanterns or vases, on top of your kitchen cabinets, or looped around curtain rods or your bed frame. Instead of walking into a dark room, you’ll be welcomed home each evening by a gorgeous, warm glow. You can probably repurpose some of your holiday lights for this project, too.

Have fun decorating, and check the Olympus Waterford blog for lots more life and style recommendations.