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Photo of ice cream for blog post at Olympus Town Center in Keller, Texas



With summer coming to a close, why not end the season on a high note? There’s nothing better than enjoying a cold treat on a hot summer day – and Andy’s Frozen Custard on Keller Parkway has plenty of offerings that hit the spot. Here are some of our favorite flavors you’ve got to try!

James Brownie Funky Jackhammer

Looking to add a little funk to your end-of-summer? Feel good with this delectable dessert, packed with creamy peanut butter, brownies, and hot fudge. Talk about breaking out in a cold sweat!

Snowmonster Concrete

You know you’re in for something special with a name like Snowmonster Concrete. This flavor combines strawberries with melted chocolate chips. Some say it’s so good it’ll turn you into a raving monster, gobbling up every lick of custard that lies in your path! Worth the risk, if you ask us.

Mint Chip Concrete

There’s always someone who’s gotta bring the party down with their inconceivable love of mint chocolate chip. Just kidding – we get it! (Sort of.) And thankfully, Andy’s has mastered the flavor with a scrumptious concoction of custard, mint syrup, and melted chocolate chip.

Choc-O-Rocko Concrete

Maybe you’re already eager for cooler weather. We don’t blame you. Featuring almonds and marshmallow creme, try Choc-O-Rocko with chocolate frozen custard as your stopgap until it’s time to whip up some hot cocoa.

Ooey Gooey Concrete

Plain and simple: Ooey Gooey will give you yummy in the tummy. Indulge in this unrepentantly delicious treat that mixes Heath Bar, creme caramel, and almonds.


We’re going to have to end the list here. We’ve managed to give ourselves a craving for some frozen custard. Imagine that. Be sure to visit our blog for more lifestyle tips and local topics.