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One of the beautiful species of bird that can be found at the Coppell Nature Park near Olympus Town Center in Keller Texas.



Do you enjoy spending time outdoors?

Then visit the Coppell Nature Park.

Spanning sixty-six-acres, it features more than five miles of trails and animals such as bobcats, coyotes, and more than 130 different bird species.

As you make your through the park, you may spot feathery creatures such as:

Barn Swallow

Barn swallows are easily identified as they feature glistening cobalt blue feathers on top and tawny ones below. They also have long, deeply forked tails that stream out from behind which set them apart from the other swallow species found in North America. Listen for the "cheep" call that they make when predators get too close.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Also known as the Texas bird of paradise, scissor-tailed flycatchers are gray and salmon colored birds that usually perch in the open. They use a variety of human products in their nests such as cloth, paper, and string, and according to All About Birds, a study of their nests took place in a rural area of Texas that showed that artificial materials make up thirty percent of their weight.

House Finch

Male house finches are pretty birds with rosy red feathers around their face and upper breast, and streaky brown feathers on their back, stomach, and tail. They were originally a bird of the Western United States and Mexico, and today, scientists believe that there are between 267 million and 1.4 billion house finches across North America. Look for them perched high in trees or feeding on the ground.

The Coppell Nature Park is just one of the outdoor attractions that you can enjoy if you call our apartments in Keller home. Please contact us to schedule a tour.

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