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Finding a place to get outside is easy in Keller, Texas. Within the city limits are 11 parks and 26 miles of available hiking and biking trails. The real trouble is picking just one. The team at Olympus Town Center selected a few stand out parks for your next outdoor adventure.

Big Bear Creek Greenbelt

For a full day outdoors, enjoy the 36 acres of Big Bear Creek Greenbelt. The constructed trail is 5.4 miles long and bisects the city of Keller along Bear Creek. 

Little Bear Creek Linear Park

If you need a short hike, Little Bear Creek Linear Park might be just right for your pace. It offers 2.5 miles of established trail to follow, great for a bike ride or casual hike. The trail starts in a residential area but quickly turns into a more scenic view with large shade trees. Plan the perfect afternoon outdoors with an easy walk and a stop for lunch. Halfway down, the trail opens up to the Chase Oaks Activity Node with a playground, picnic area, and basketball court. 

Parks at Town Center

The perfect backdrop for an outdoor adventure starts at The Parks at Town Center. There are 1.1 miles of hiking and biking trails to explore. You can also enjoy the two lakes onsite and the butterfly garden. Wander the nature trail to learn more about local flora and fauna. 

Take advantage of 300 acres of developed parkland in our area, and discover the hidden gems of the city. Looking for more fun ideas for getting outdoors in Keller? Read the Olympus Town Center blog.