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A woman standing in her living room plugging her nose in disgust.



Let’s face it, we don’t always know when our place has a certain…smell. From our own scent to pet stench (hello, litter box) and stale air, sometimes a stinky home is just an inevitable part of the human existence. Here are a few ways to freshen up your space.

Get to the Bottom of It

One of the easiest ways to tell if your home smells is to invite over an honest friend. Ask them to give your home a quick sniff test. Sometimes we have a hard time knowing what smells stick out to our senses because we’re so used to living alongside it that we’ve become desensitized to that specific scent. Ask them to describe the smell – is it garbage-y? Does it smell like dog? Or dirty laundry? And if you don’t want to get on that level with a friend, another option is to walk around outside and come back in through your front door. Take a big whiff and see if you can pinpoint any specific smells.

Do a Deep Clean

From sanitizing and scrubbing down the inside of your trash cans to thoroughly mopping your floors, there are a few simple ways to eliminate odors throughout your home. During your next deep clean, be sure to gently scrub around grout lines in the kitchen and bathroom and clean under the rubber opening in the kitchen sink – this is where a lot of the mildew-y smells will come from.

Add a Personalized Scent

With plug-ins, sprays, diffusers, sachets, and candles, there’s so many options to choose from when adding scents into your space. For a clean option, go for a more natural fabric freshener, a healthier soy wax candle, or an essential oil diffuser. For a more potent option, you can always count on tried and true products, but be mindful of the added synthetic chemicals that can be harsh on your (and your pet’s) airways.

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