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A delicious bowl of Pho served at Pho In The Box near Olympus Town Center in Keller, Texas.



On icy winter days, Olympus Town Center residents can snuggle up with a comforting, warm bowl of delicious Pho soup at a brand-new restaurant. Pho in the Box recently opened its doors in Keller, Texas. The quick-serve restaurant serves satisfying, quintessential Vietnamese dishes.


Pho in the Box opened their first location in Grapevine, Texas. In 2016, the owners opened a second location in Keller, Texas, at the Northwest Crossing Shopping Center.

The location is similar to other quick-serve places. The diner's interior is small and immaculate. A clear display case features menu specialties, and a convenient picture menu is hoisted above the cash register. There is ample seating in the dining area.

The restaurant's mission is to serve healthy, fresh, and authentic Vietnamese cuisine.


For a starter course, try one of Pho in the Box's delicious appetizers. Select their crisp pork egg roll that contains seasoned meat, hand-wrapped dough, and an egg wash finish. The roll is deep fried and served fresh.

The eatery also sells several varieties of spring rolls made with delicate rice paper. Their selection includes shrimp, chicken, and shrimp-chicken. They serve each roll with a seasoned Vietnamese peanut sauce. Others may try their hot wings or chicken dumplings.


Cooks prepare the flavorful ho soup with white onions and cilantro. They also add bean sprouts, basil, jalapeños, lime, hoisin, and a spicy sriracha sauce.

The restaurant offers a vegetarian version of pho as well. Other varieties they sell are well-done brisket, sliced steak, meatballs, fatty brisket, beef combo, and pho beef deluxe.

They also have a vegetable & soft-silky tofu and chicken pho. The chicken combo pho has white meat, steamed broccoli, Napa cabbage, carrots, and silky tofu.

Build Your Own Grilled Entrees

Pho in the Box also provides several grilled dinner entrees. The eatery offers several bases made with steamed or flavored rice, green apple salad, and vermicelli rice noodles. The dishes come with cucumber, pickled carrots, fresh mint, and a special sauce.

Traditional Vietnamese Drinks

The diner makes several traditional teas and sweet drinks. Try Pho in the Box's classic milk tea, matcha milk, or matcha coconut tea.

They also offer fresh coconut juice, a sparkling salty lemonade, a lychee fruit punch, and a Vietnamese-style coffee.

The restaurant also has gluten-free options. For more information, contact (817) 431-2583.

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