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Resident throwing a pot on the wheel in a ceramics class near Olympus Town Center in Keller, Texas



We’re all at home a little more these days, and we’re all itching to take on a new hobby or two to pass the time. Using clay has many benefits – beyond just making pretty things. It can be therapeutic, directly providing tactile gratification while offering a holistic experience when engaging our creative brain, fine motor skills, and imagination. Take matters (ahem, clay) into your own hands and tackle one of these seven at-home DIY clay-sculpting activities.

1. Plant Pot

Need a home for those cutie succulents you’ve been accumulating? These simple pots are easily assembled using oven-bake clay, and a few other simple tools.

2. Earrings

These DIY polymer clay earrings will have others lusting for your new jewelry. And the best part? You can express your style with different colors and shapes.

3. Jewelry Tray

An unexpected kitchen gadget goes a long way with this one: a cookie cutter! You’ll need an oven-hardening clay, a cookie cutter, rolling pin, and maybe a gold leaf pen to spruce up these beautiful jewelry dishes.

4. Ornaments/Gift Tags

Make your gift a standout one with the addition of a heartfelt DIY ornament or gift tag. Not just for holidays, these paper-clay botanical ornaments provide a delicate touch of nature with muted colors.

5. Hanging Clay Planters

More room for plant babies is always necessary in our book. Save space in your home and get creative with these mini hanging planters. The design possibilities are endless, and the organic look they provide is a great accent for small spaces.

6. Wall Hanging

Oven bake clay FTW! Create a simple yet stunning DIY clay wall hanging using just a few supplies, including the beloved cookie cutters. These statement pieces are also the perfect gift to give that special someone who has everything.

7. Geometric Jar

Make a mini catch all space for office supplies by making this geometric clay jar. Using air dry clay and a few at-home supplies, this little guy will be ready to hold anything – from paper clips to bobby pins.

There is something to be said for using your own two hands to create something that is visually beautiful, functional, and a reflection of your own personal artistic style. Head on over to your nearest art supply store and get shaping, friends.

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