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Veterinarian in scrubs examining light-gray dog in room at animal hospital.



Your pet means the world to you and their health is important. Picking the perfect veterinarian for your furry friend can be nerve wracking if you don't know how. Check out these five tips for finding the right vet for your pet.

Ask Around for Recommendations

Ask your family and friends for their personal recommendations. You trust the people closest to you, and they may have established relationships with great vets for their furry companions.

Find a Specialist

There are veterinarians that may specialize in caring for specific types of animals. Check out the vets that cater specifically to your pet’s needs.

Check Out Different Locations & Prices

Finding somewhere close to home is important if an emergency suddenly arises. Costs will vary between vet clinics. But before committing, make sure their prices are reasonable and within budget.

Speak With the Staff

As you walk into the clinic, observe the staff’s demeanor. Do they seem like they enjoy what they do? Note if they welcome your pet or if they seem disinterested. Ask questions specific to your pet’s needs to help determine whether it would be a good fit.

Go With Your Gut

If you or your pet feel uncomfortable at a vet, it’s a red flag. Listen to your gut. It’s normal for both of you to be nervous. But if you notice your pet in distress or fearful of the staff, then look elsewhere.

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