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Woman blowing fake snow out of her hands at a Christmas fair



White Christmases in Keller are few and far between, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own. Check out these tips for adding a little frosting to your festivities.

Homemade Snow

For a light dusting of snow you can sprinkle over your dining table and highlight other decorations with, start with some foam packing balls. Cut them in half, one by one, and rub the two halves together until they completely crumble. To decorate items with this snow for lasting effect, dump your ball crumbles into a mixing bowl you don’t love and add glue and white paint (find the full recipe and directions here), mix, and apply. As a bonus, this fake snow should be easy to vacuum.

Frosty Windows

Spray on ice makes it easy to add a frosty effect to the edges of your windows, adding to the coziness inside your home. If you have a large windowsill, this effect makes the perfect backdrop to a snowy village scene diorama. Add spray snow to your mini houses, animals, and trees, and arrange in the foreground.

White Christmas Tree

Flocking powder adds an enchanting, snowy touch to your Christmas tree or wreaths. Simply spray your tree with water, sprinkle the flocking powder over the top (a basket strainer works well here), and then spray once more with water. If you spot any missed areas later, spray-on flocking is great for filling small spaces.

Formable Snow

If you want snow you can play with, try this recipe by Dave Hax using hair conditioner and baking soda. He even shows how to make your own mini snowman.

For more tips on decorating for the holidays, visit the Olympus Town Center blog.