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Axe in the air with a blurry hand in the background.

4 Tips to Unleash Your Inner Lumberjack or Lumberjane


Are you an aspiring lumberjack or lumberjane? Nervous about throwing sharp objects? Here are a few important tips to make your first axe-throwing experience a success. When you’re ready, test your skills out at Grab Your Axe, inside Gatsplat Paintball. 

Don’t Forget Closed-Toe Shoes

An indoor axe-throwing venture is no place for flip-flops if you value your toes. It’s also a rule – you won’t be able to participate without them. Aside from covering up your feet, the shoe type isn’t important, but cowboy boots would be very Texan of you. 

Come Up With Your Axe Puns Ahead of Time

Everyone is going to expect you to “axe” them a question. What they aren’t prepared for is you to ask if they’re having an “axe”-cellent time. Missed a shot? It was an “axe”-ident. If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, it would be a shame to go without throwing in a Gimli “And my axe!” reference. If there is someone who isn’t loving your jokes, tell them to rel-“axe.” 

Learning to Throw

If you’re worried about throwing for the first time in a large group, try a solo trip or check out some online tips on how to throw for beginners. The two-handed axe throw is best for starting out. Make sure to keep an eye on your top thumb – it will help you aim. Don’t stress too much, the best way to get better is to throw a few times and adjust (whether you hit the target or not). If the top of the axe bounces off the target, you probably over rotated, which can be solved by stepping closer. If the bottom of the axe hits the target, you should move closer. If you stick the axe, perfect! Time to refine your technique to become an expert. 

Throw More Things

If you’re a natural, you might be looking for something a little more exciting than taking turns throwing. Grab Your Axe offers a few games, like a tic-tac-toe board or a variation of Connect Four. You can also throw shuriken – aka ninja stars.  

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