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Man riding mountain bike on a trail in Keller, Texas near Olympus Town Center



Whether you are new to Keller or have lived here all your life, there might be some facts that surprise you about our city! Below are a few of our favorite tidbits about Keller, Texas.

Name Change

Keller wasn’t always known as Keller. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that the name Keller was even considered. According to the city of Keller, an official from Texas Pacific Railroad urged the name be changed from Athol to Keller to honor foreman John C. Keller after Athol became a stop on the railroad line. In 1882, the name was officially changed to Keller.

Small Town. Big Recognition.

Did you know that Keller has been recognized as one of the “Best Small Cities in America” by WalletHub? That’s right! And who could blame them? Keller is noted for our vibrant neighborhoods, small-town charm, and big-city conveniences. We may not be the largest community, but we have a lot of heart!

Bike & Hike for Miles

For such a small town, Keller residents have a lot of land to go out and explore nature. In fact, there’s more than 26 miles of hiking and biking trails in Keller. From the short Eastern Trail that runs along Forest Bend and Bramble Woods to the 5.4-mile Big Bear Creek Greenbelt that follows stunning tree-lined banks, there’s plenty of outdoor adventures to be had in Keller.

Make Your Mark

The best part about living in a small town is the ability to leave a major impression in a meaningful way. Be inspired to become part of Keller’s history! In the meantime, check out our blog for more posts about the community as well as lifestyle topics.