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Couple cuddling up on top of a car in front of a drive-in screen.



Movie night is back and we’re kicking it old-school – no, not Blockbuster. The Coyote Drive-In, located in Fort Worth, is running classic movies and new releases nightly, starting at 6 PM. Plan ahead to fully enjoy a good ol‘ fashioned drive-in movie. 

Timeliness Matters!

The earlier you get to a drive-in, the better your parking spot. Just like going to a theater early to reserve the best seat, you should line up ahead of time to reserve your spot. The Coyote Drive-In is a popular attraction, especially on the weekends. Because of that, you should budget an hour or more, depending on the film, to wait in line and get settled before the film starts. 

Buy Ahead

One way to save time is to purchase your tickets ahead of time. You can utilize The Coyote Drive-In web portal to look at the movie airings and buy your tickets before you go. Convenient! One ticket is the cost for one car spot and covers a double feature movie event. Awesome!

Come Prepared 

What makes movies truly special is the person you share them with. And the snacks. Make a stop by I Love Sugar for a giant-sized gummy bear and some sweet treats to devour while you watch the flick. The bar at the Coyote Drive-In is also open, so you can get your fill on beverages and popcorn. 

Get Comfortable

Bring plenty of blankets and pillows to help get comfortable once you’ve parked. You can set up some chairs in the back of your truck bed or just make the front seat a little more comfortable to lounge. It’s movie time!

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